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What you get


450+ individual videos including warm ups, exercises, and combinations/choreography.


For all: novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, House, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Bollywood.

Viewing Angles

Choose between the Back View (as if you were behind the instructor) or the Mirrored View (as if you were looking at the instructor in the mirror). Each angle includes a split screen to catch details.

Learning Pace

Select the slow motion breakdown, then if needed adjust the speed of the video with the Speed Control feature. You also have the ability to do quick 10 second rewind.

Section Markers

A selection of tutorials include markers to easily navigate back or skip forward to a section.


A selection of tutorials include closed captions (in case someone else is being a lazy couch potato).

Apple TV/Chrome Cast

Use airplay to view your video onto a television screen.


Save videos in one place for later review.

Free Tutorials



Throw a little sassiness into this jazz routine. Find nice wide leg positions to keep the movements grounded. Don't forget to breathe and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your questions. You can can also check out our full FAQ.

What does a tutorial consist of?

A tutorial is broken down into sections beginning with an intro from the instructor, followed by a full preview of the routine. After this, select the angle best suited for your learning (back or mirrored). At anytime you can skip back and forth to recap. Once you have the combination complete you can then move on to the music. As an extra bonus you can adjust the speed of the video player.

Can I see an Online Dance Class demo?

Even better than a demo, we offer a small selection of free beginner combinations for you to test out. View our free Online Dance Classes.

Are these tutorials like an in-studio class?

No, in-studio classes should remain in the studio! Our online tutorials are meant to complement in-studio classes, help those who do not have access to one, or give teaching inspiration. Our tutorials are not a reflection of a full in-studio class.

Can I download an Online Dance Class?

DancePlug only offers streaming. All online classes are streamed, broadband internet speed is recommended. Classes cannot be downloaded onto your device. This is a reason why we chose not to do hour-long classes, and instead divide them into smaller videos, for better streaming efficiency.

Can I get a refund?

Service fees are non-refundable, and we do not provide refunds for partial or full month subscription periods. We encourage you to try our free tutorials to get a feel for our service, before making your purchase.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Even if we hope that it won't be necessary, if you are on the Monthly Plan "The Enthusiast", you can cancel your subscription at any time (visit your Account Settings page). Your access will be removed at the end of your paid period. If you have one of the Prepaid Plans, no need to worry about cancellation.