BPM beatsperminute
Los Angeles, CA
United States
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Tap. Drums. Vocals. Bass. Guitar.

"Just over an hour in their company and you could take on the world!" The Sydney Morning Herald.

The show that has been hailed as the ‘next big thing to hit the stage’, BPM beatsperminute is a 7 piece band that intertwines tap, shuffles and stamps with melody, chords and riffs. Performing in and around the audience, they invent a new style of percussive tap, set to an original score of jazz, funk, blues, rock and rap. Renowned for dynamic stagecraft coupled with dance that is raw, fresh and invigorating, it’s no wonder this show claims rave reviews including: multiple sell-out seasons at the Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australian Dance Awards and TV guest appearances on Good Morning Australia and Kerri-Anne. Within this exhilarating talent of genre-shuffling music and smooth full-body dance, you will be tapping your feet and grooving in the streets.

BPM beatsperminute premiered in March 2002 at the Sydney Opera House, forging a spark between local fast-paced tap dancers and high caliber musicians. Together they created a cunning fusion of rhythm, music and dance that is a celebration of raw talent uniting as one.