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Shuffle Hop Flap Zig-Zag

This is an exercise to help you release your hips, knees, and ankles as you execute hop flaps. You will be zig-zagging as you travel forward forcing you to keep everything condensed.


Thoroughly Modern Millie

This advanced theatre combination will have you dancing & singing through the streets like Sutton Foster! Get ready to be challenged with style, technique, and personality! 


Pull and Roll

This exercise will help you to stay grounded and take up space at the same time. It will help you to prepare for the combination while you groove and move from standing to floor.


Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

This is a fun and sassy jazz combo. Use the strong beat of the guitar to add weight and style to the choreography. Gentlemen you will need to make some of the movements more masculine.


The Wave and Body Roll

This exercise is about learning the wave. You will learn isolations in the arms and learn to connect them into one fluid movement. 


Real Life

This is a beginner jazz funk combination that will challenge your weight changes, and direction changes. It includes grooves and moments to display your personality while still showing off your techni...


Dragslide Pas de Bourrée Scribble

Here's a more advanced step for those of you who want to make your pas de bourrée fancier. This step involves a drag followed by a slide which is a like a rond de jambe followed by a pas de bourrée. T...


I Love You

This combo takes its viewer on a journey. Beginning with intricate stationary movement and in just a few counts asking for the dancer to dig in, travel and expand all lines.


Classical Barre Au Sol #1

This floor barre is a thorough mind and body conditioning based on the principle of classical ballet. Its focus is on maintaining proper alignment while strengthening the feet, ankles legs, back and c...

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