Jump Cross, Jump Heels
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This move requires you to be light on your feet with a quick cross-opening action of the legs.  The weight must shift from one side to the other with each landing of the jump.  Arms mimic the action of the legs by crossing in the center and opening to one side.  One arm is extended with a flexed hand while the other snaps behind the head.  Heel jumps alternate from jumping from one foot to the other while the alternate foot is flexed and extended with the heel touching the floor.  The opposite hand pushes down with a flexed hand.


About the instructor

Kavita Rao, Karmagraphy Entertainment’s director/ owner, produces distinctive contemporary dance styles. Internationally and regional renowned for her choreography and teaching abilities, she conjures out of her world travels characteristics of eastern and western dance. Signed with one of LA's top dance agencies, MSA, Rao has been featured in numerous lives shows, music videos, films, commercials and television shows.

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