Learn to dance from our jazz dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.


Turning Pas de Bourrées

This exercise combines technique and style with quick direction changes and a triple pirouette.


Won't Stop

This lighthearted jazz routine uses a lot of direction changes and dynamics, from quick small steps to elongated movement. Think summer, warmth and first love.


Icky Thump

This combination is tricky and moves fast, get ready to rock out!


Billie Jean

Soft rock jazz... all you have to do is listen to his voice and you're going to want to trash around. I want drama people!



This combination fuses jazz movements with latin style, stay on your toes for a clean execution.


Attitude Whip

This exercise is a combination of direction changes, and includes a "floating" attitude turn ending in an inside pirouette.



Time for sass! This combination gives you a lot of freedom to find your own body movement while hitting strong set accents. You have the opportunity to be playful, so take it!


Alternate Chaînés

This exercise really gives you a chance to find control in your turns by squaring off your hips and shoulders during each chassé. You can also find a linear motion within your turn that feels reall...


Kip Up

This exercise is very athletic, and includes high jumps, floorwork, turns and a kip-up. Warm yourself up!


Feedback - SS

This is a typical hard hitting pop jazz combo that needs attitude. So just rock it!


Jump Jump

This is an exercise that really works through your feet.



Chassé means "chased". It is a gliding step used for traveling or transitions, where one foot replaces the other. For a low chassé, keep the knees bent, and move at the same level. For a high chass...