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This basic is all about the shuffle. Every tapper needs a good shuffle up down their leg!! This takes the toe-taps to a forward and backward motion.


Heel Toe, Toe Heel Traveling

This basic is about connecting heel digs and toe drops into a forward and backward series of steps.


Heel Dig

This basic is about allowing the heel of the foot to drop to the floor.


Flaps / Tap Steps

This step is about tapping the floor and then stepping onto it. A tap step is also known as a flap.


Heel Drop

This basic is about your heel striking the floor. Easy knees and body weight enable you to create a good strong sound.


Toe Tap

A Toe Tap is all about the articulation of the ankle and allowing your foot to have flexibility and ease when striking the floor.


Toe Drop

This basic is about dropping your toe onto the floor using your body weight to enhance the sound.


Toe Knock

This basic shows how to execute a toe knock which you will be doing a lot of in Tap!


Rhythm Layering 1

This exercise is all about exploring rhythms and how much you can benefit from working with a partner to exchange ideas and rapport.


You Can't Hold Me Down

This combination includes loads of body weight transitions. The most important ingredient here is never stop “grooving!” Let’s get down to it.