Learn to dance from our tap dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises and warm-ups for any skill level.


The Real Blues

This is a wonderfully laid-back track featuring Ray Brown on bass. You will be playing with half and full time, syncopation as well as integrating your own interpretation. Get ready for some real...

Glyn Gray "Shuffle Heel Toe Drag" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Shuffle Heel Toe Drag

This exercise has you moving and turning while you execute shuffle heel toes, drag ball changes and toe heel swivels.


A Blessing And A Curse

This combination includes plenty of syncopation, turns, flap ball-changes, pick toes and more. You will be practicing what I call "sustained resistance" throughout.

Glyn Gray "Swing Shuffle Cross" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Swing Shuffle Cross

Swing exercise to promote good balance of beats, rise and fall and single/double time.

Glyn Gray "Slip'n Slide Jumpovers" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Slip'n Slide Jumpovers

Have some fun with sliding jumpovers to develop strength and stamina while maintaining good control over your rhythm and accents.


Forgotten Places

This is such a great beginner groove combination that packs a punch. You must allow the music to move you through the steps which include tap step heels, toe heel knocks, drags, slap backs, heel d...

Glyn Gray "Forward/Side Shuffles" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Forward/Side Shuffles

Enjoy an exercise involving foward and sideway shuffles and toe heel drops.


You Wish

This routine is all about the relationship with the music from the artist Nightmares On Wax. The following combination includes plenty of rise and fall, scuffs, riffs, drags, slides, maxi-fords, t...

Glyn Gray "Shuffle Toe Heel Wiggles" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Shuffle Toe Heel Wiggles

This exercise aims to push well balanced beats followed with accents and tone throughout while executing taps steps, toe heel backs, shuffle toe heel wiggles and easy heels.


Blacktop Beat

Silky Smooth routine here to one of my faves Jurrasic 5. While maintaining a cool groove you will be mastering to heels knocks, swish flick ball changes, single turns, drags, heel flops and cramp...

Glyn Gray "Travelling Syncopated Flaps" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Travelling Syncopated Flaps

This exercise promotes a casual bounce in the knees to deliver clean flaps (tap steps) with flat foot syncopation, adding flavor to the rhythms, along with tap step coupe reels.


What It Is

Get ready for a combination that covers a very energetic style from start to finish. Show as much swag while still maintaining clean articulation, accents and super fast transitions. Njoy.