Learn to dance from our ballet tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, and exercises for any skill level.



This dance is dimensional, using shapes, space, and texture! Use attack for fun!


Piqué Arabesque

This progression uses the line of the leg extension, along with use of port de bras.


Love U Crazay

This combination is very musical and syncopated. You will be challenged with multiple pirouettes, tricky foot work, and the ability to move quick while remaining calm!


Going To School

The dancer should use the prop (fans) to be expressive. The movement should be simple and clean, and the artistry focused through the fans.


Positions & Directions

These are the French School basic positions and directions.



Traveling step series: glissades. Glissade means "glide". It is a traveling step executed from the 5th position by gliding one foot in a chosen direction and closing the other foot back into 5th....


Pas de Bourrée

Traveling step series: pas-de-bourrées and pas-de-bourrées retiré.


Petits Sauts

Petit Allegro series: This series include sauté, changement and échappé.
Small jumps are executed from a plié position, to an extension of the legs straight up in the air with pointed feet, l...