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Antoine Troupe "Chest Isolation" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography

Chest Isolation

This exercise will help you learn to use your core which is very important to your growth as a dancer especially in hip hop.


Love On Top

One of the funnest pieces I've ever created. The steps may get a little difficult but you have to relax and have fun with it. The goal for this one is to put a smile on the face of everyone in the...

Antoine Troupe "Leg Strengthening" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Leg Strengthening

Use this exercise to warm up and strengthen legs. Great to use to prepare for choreography with heavy footwork. Clean footwork takes your dancing to the next level.


The Way

Choreography I created for an artist I choreograph for named Kehlani. You can find this combination in her music video for "The Way". Take your time. Have fun with this one. It's "feel good" choreo...

Antoine Troupe "Arm Drills" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Arm Drills

This exercise is to warm up your arms and help you complete strong lines.



This combo requires high energy performance with big movements. There is an intricate footwork section in there, so differentiate the small moves from the big ones for better dynamics.