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Intro to Cabrioles

This across the floor prepares for back cabrioles. It also uses direction changes and balance.


Holy Fall

This combination is very light and carefree. It uses a lot of body and focus angles, as well as direction changes.



Chassé means "chased". It is a gliding step used for traveling or transitions, where one foot replaces the other. For a low chassé, keep the knees bent, and move at the same level. For a high chass...


Pivot Turn

A pivot turn is a 180˚rotation step and consists of two moves.


Pas de Bourrée

The pas de bourrée is a very common step in jazz dance and is used for transitions or traveling. They can stay "flat" or rotate.



A drag is a traveling step, where while stepping forward on one foot, the other foot is left behind dragging on the floor. The dragging foot is always pointed. This step can go in any direction....


Low & High Chaîné Turns

Chaîné turns are traveling steps, where your weight transfers from one foot to the other at the same time you are turning. There are two types of chaînés: low and high (ballet).


Outside Parallel Pirouette

The jazz outside pirouette or pirouette en-dehors is the most common turn used in jazz. There are many variations to it. The basic one being executed in a high passé and straight supporting leg....


Ball Change

A ball change is a weight transfer 2-step movement, usually syncopated.