Learn to dance from our advanced dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, across various styles, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups.



Show confidence with strong movement sitting in the pocket and playing with different dynamics. Hip-Hop grooves with high energy. A little bit of attitude is alright here.



Strong, fast moving, direction changing are all words to describe this energetic jazz routine. Stay grounded, think ahead and have fun.


I Keep Hanging On

You will love the rich fullness in this combination that utilizes your torso, port de bras, leg flexibility, turns, musicality and direction changes. It really dances in every way!

Alison Faulk "Salsa" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


This is an authentic salsa exercise designed to introduce the dancer to salsa!


Dhoom Machale Dhoom

This choreography starts with using some acting skills into an intricate and fast paced verse and ends with high energy Bollywood style chorus. Musicality and the constant change in change in dynam...


Love On Top

One of the funnest pieces I've ever created. The steps may get a little difficult but you have to relax and have fun with it. The goal for this one is to put a smile on the face of everyone in the...

Joelle Martinec "Multiple Direction Turn Combo" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Multiple Direction Turn Combo

A turn combination that challenges the senses. Designed to get used to thinking ahead, changing spots, and not getting stuck facing just one way in the space when we turn.


Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a challenge cardiovascularly and technically, so make sure to breathe we are taking the audience on a roller coaster don't be afraid to dance aggressively but find the fluidity and...

Antoine Troupe "Leg Strengthening" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Leg Strengthening

Use this exercise to warm up and strengthen legs. Great to use to prepare for choreography with heavy footwork. Clean footwork takes your dancing to the next level.


Still Alive

This combo is feel good. But don't let it fool you, it can be quick and syncopated.

Gus Bembery "The Molly" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

The Molly

Up to date dance moves that can be found in any dance club currently playing hip hop music for the urban crowd. Slow moving but difficult to execute because the style takes some adjusting to.

Melissa Miles "Pitch Attitude Chaîné" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Pitch Attitude Chaîné

This is an across the floor that will take you on and off your center. The quick foot work and weight changes will challenge you to stay on top of your leg!