Sick of Netflix? Try This Dance Vlog Instead

Michaela DePrince

I think we can all agree that dancers don’t have a lot of “spare time,” so the extra time that we do have is very precious. After giving some of that time to family and friends, you have a few options…

  • Option One: Run your errands.
  • Option Two: Do your laundry.
  • Option Three: Binge watch a show.

While two of these are productive, binge watching Netflix is not always the best decision. Your vision starts to get blurry and somehow you end up getting nothing else done.

So, we've got a better idea for you. To get that TV fix, try watching Michaela DePrince’s vlog series. The amazing ballerina started a vlog (video blog) on Youtube about a month ago, and we are obsessed. Her videos are real and unapologetic, allowing her audience to see a more vulnerable side of herself. She also talks about things that are unrelated to dance, proving to the world that amazing dancers don’t have to be robots who only eat, sleep, and breathe dance. So the next time you have the day off, give Netflix a break and watch an inspirational vlog instead. It will not disappoint.

Loïe Fuller and Isadora Duncan Are Coming To A Theater Near You

The Dancer directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto

Dance has been taking over the small and big screen lately, and frankly, we are LOVING it. Get ready, because on December 1st "The Dancer", a new French feature film directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto, will be released in will be hitting select theaters around the U.S. and Canada. The film is a loosely factual portrayal around the lives of two legendary twentieth century dancers -  Loïe Fuller and Isadora Duncan.
Loïe Fuller is portrayed by the French singer and actress Soko, while Lily-Rose Depp tackles the role of Isadora Duncan. The film is choreographed by Time Lapse Dance's Jody Sperling.

The film has been gathering a lot of buzz since its premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, as well as its NYC showing at the Lincoln Center Film Society's "Rendez-Vous with French Cinema Festival" in early 2017. "The Dancer" was nominated for six César awards, and Sperling was even nominated for a 2017 World Choreography Award.

Though director Di Giusto takes quite a bit of artistic license with the story, we're excited to seeing such iconic and important figures represented in pop culture. For a full review of the film, check out this article from Variety

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Channing Tatum Dances Through The (Late) Night

You probably know Channing Tatum as an actor, but he actually began his career as a dancer! Remember Ricky Martin's video "She Bangs?" (And yes, we know that's going to be stuck in your head all day now). His skills earned him the role of a featured dancer (read: sweaty bartender) throughout the vid. We won't judge you if you want to relive the glory that was the year 2000. We'll wait: She Bangs?

Channing’s big break was the unforgettable classic dance film "Step Up", where he plays a b-boy in love with a ballerina (cue Avril Lavigne’s “Skater Boy”). This is where we REALLY got to see young Tatum’s dance moves, and let’s just say...the boy definitely has skills.

This week, he proved that he still has the moves! Channing stepped in as co-host for Jimmy Kimmel this week, and he started out the show with a very memorable dance scene. From the dressing room to the stage, he showed us that his dancing days are not behind him. In fact, his moves were clear, crisp, and extremely entertaining. Who knew that after all this time Channing Tatum was still taking secret lessons…most likely from his beautiful wife Jenna Dewan Tatum! Who votes the two lovers reprise their original Step Up roles? 🙋



Last Call for a Chance to Be World of Dance New Champion

World of Dance TV show

As announced back in June, TV show World of Dance (produced by Jennifer Lopez) will be returning for a second season. Well, this week is your last chance to apply to become their next world champion.

Submissions are being accepted and reviewed by casting officials until this Friday, November 3rd. Let’s just say - it better be good. We saw quite a bit of industry talent last season, so everyone who is auditioning needs to bring their A game.

But keep in mind there are also some changes coming; they've added a new category to the competition. For the second season, there will be a junior, senior, and team category like last year, but there will also be an added junior team category. This will allow kids to show off their team talent, versus their individual solo style. It also gives the younger generation a bigger platform to show the world what they are capable of. So get ready, all you mini me’s and young whipper snappers, because you're about to takeover this competition.

Follow the link below to learn more about auditioning for World of Dance.

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