Three Black Ballerinas: One Memoir

MoBBallet, also known as Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet, is a legacy project that documents conversations around black ballet artists. The new inaugural video installation, “And Still They Rose: The Legacy of Black Ballerinas,” explores the stories of Joan Myers Brown, Delores Brown, and Judith Jamison, three classically trained black Philadelphian dancers.

This incredible installation is not just another statement or video series… it’s an experience. Upon entering the website you have the ability to click “Enter,” and once the next page loads, you have the opportunity to “plant the seed”. Once the seed has been planted, you are navigated through a maze of history, conversation, and life changing events. It’s an interactive site that allows you to explore the family trees of ballet in Philadelphia during a time of racial segregation and hardship. They’re unique stories shed light on how they blurred the lines of hatred by using art and dance.

The installation is now available to the public on the MoBBallet website, and every dancer should experience it.

Capezio Gives a Dynamic Donation

Dance is expensive… plain and simple. A dancer who is involved in just a couple of different styles of dance needs at least two different kinds of shoes, leotards, tights... the list goes on and on. So just imagine a dancer who is involved in three or more styles of dance; between shows and competitions, they could need thousands of dollars worth of dance supplies a year. Thankfully, there are people who want to offer a helping hand!

The Boston Dance Alliance has been able to supply dancers with over $36,000 of dance supplies within the past two years. And this year, Capezio has helped out by donating 1,000 ballet slippers (the total of which is valued at $25,000). This very generous gift has allowed the Boston Dance Alliance to reach their goal of continuing to support dancers in the greater Boston area, and the dancers could not be more grateful. Dancers who otherwise might not be able to afford dance are able to show up to class in the proper gear with confidence and style.

What’s truly amazing about this kind donation made by Capezio is that it is the first direct corporate donation to the Boston Dance Alliance… ever! Way to show up and show out with an awesome act of love, Capezio. As dancers we can all agree that this sport is hard enough by itself, but add financial hardship to the mix and its a whole new ballgame. So three cheers for Capezio and the Boston Dance Alliance!

This Dance Studio is Helping Dancers in Puerto Rico

Sarasota Cuba Ballet School

Sarasota Cuba Ballet School is on a mission - and you can help. After Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on the country, director Ariel Serrano received messages from several dancers who had studied at his summer program last summer. They all said the same thing: our houses are destroyed, our studios are flooded, our money and food is running out. Can you help us?

It's an unimaginable situation - not only have lost your possessions, but your dreams of being a dancer are in jeopardy as well. How can you expect to keep up your training, or save money to travel  for auditions or programs, when your home has been devastated?

Enter "Sarasota and Puerto Rico Dance Together," a fundraiser Serrano is organizing. The school, which has worked continually to never turn a dancer away because of lack of funding, is trying to raise enough money to bring six dancers to study at the school in Florida. The money will cover transportation and living expenses. Two major donors have already brought in enough to bring one female dancer, and two more are on the way. But there's still more money to be raised - please consider contributing if you are able.

For more information, and to donate, click below:

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Meet Ray!

Ray Basa

We are so excited to introduce our newest member of the DancePlug instructor team, Ray Basa. Ray is a performer and choreographer who will be creating a series of house classes and combos available to our online subscribers!

Ray is a sought-after hip-hop and house artist who has been teaching for many years, both in the United States and in the Philippines. As a performer, he has worked with companies such as Funkanometry LA, Expressive Doubt LA, and Movement Project.

You may have seen Ray or his company "Asylum" at World of Dance San Diego, where his work "Icebox" took second place in 2009. That same year, the company also won the KIIS FM Summer Dance Crew Challenge.

You can find Ray in the LA area performing, leading workshops, and teaching at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Boogiezone.

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