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Delicious Dancer-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Delicious Dancer-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes, I like it more than my birthday, Christmas, Fourth of July...and here's why. Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas season, which, after fall, is my favorite time of year. It's all about bundling up, drinking cocoa, listening to Christmas music,...
"The Top 6 Cross Training Methods for Injury Prevention" by Keira Whitaker
Health & Fitness

The Top 6 Cross Training Methods for Injury Prevention

So you’ve hit a plateau in your training, or maybe you have an injury that needs to heal but you need to stay in shape while you’re recovering. What’s...

"'Moon&' Forges Faint Connections with Big Themes" SZALT review by Steven Woodruff

'Moon&' Forges Tenuous Connections with Big Themes

Evening length performances have been a regular feature of many small dance companies. They are an easy route to unifying thematically an evening of d...

"Making Every Act Count: A Dancer’s Guide to Performing on Stage" by Anne Luben on dnaceplug.com
Professional Tips

Making Every Act Count: A Dancer’s Guide to Performing on Stage

Most dancers will agree, the best part about what we do is performing on stage. You don’t become a dancer if you’re afraid to stand up in front of a c...

"Dance Career & Dating Life - Can You Have Both?" by Keira Whitaker on danceplug.com

Dance Career & Dating Life - Can You Have Both?

We’ve all been there and we’ve all had to say those dreaded words… “I can’t, I have dance.” When we were in grade school, we had to turn down sleepove...

"Chatty Dancers... When It's Not A Problem" article by Jo Boden

Chatty Dancers... When It's Not A Problem

Let’s talk about TALKING. Let’s be clear here – I don’t mean talking in class, on stage or during dance. I mean talking – FOR dancers and WITH dancers...

Marquee.TV, an arts streaming platform

You Too Can Watch Dance Online - A Unique Selection To Crave

Last month, a new streaming service called Marquee.TV launched in the UK and US. The on-demand platform has partnered with a number of international c...

dancers at a Rockettes audition
Professional Tips

Ace Your Next Dance Audition: A Step By Step Guide

Let's be honest - looking for a dance job is a difficult task! And whether you love it or hate it, the reality is that auditioning is an inescapable p...

ABT La Bayadère - Isabella Boylston and Jeffrey Cirio - photo by Rosalie O’Connor

ABT, La Bayadere, And The Temple Of Doom

Dance at the Music Center closed out its season last month with American Ballet Theatre’s La Bayadère. A classical war horse by Marius Petipa, it has...

National Choreographers Initiative 2018 - dancers Tess Lane and Isaac Jones - credit: Jazley Faith

NCI Gives Audiences a Unique Look at Choreographic Process

Dance choreography is high maintenance. Whereas a musician might keep his guitar close to his nightstand, or a painter might designate a corner of the...